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Now, government can initiate crisis communications benefiting all citizens, staff members and physical facilities through the Alertify high-speed mass notification and response service. Non-profit organizations such as churches, youth groups and humanitarian aid ventures can also benefit from using Alertify to keep all followers, participants and volunteers informed. And, much like commercial properties, corporations can use Alertify to communicate to local, national and even global divisions of their company.

Your official Alertify messages achieve more certain delivery than all public media combined. Alertify message distribution speed outpaces newspaper, TV and radio bulletins, reaching thousands in seconds. Notices connect with individuals at home, at work and on the move. Alertify makes repeated contacts until each listed individual gets the message. And, Alertify verifies message receipt for everyone on the notification list.

Warnings sent through Alertify inform and instruct the general public and help prevent a flood of calls to 911 and government agencies. At the same time, emergency responders receive the details they need to support safety and security when dealing with threatening occurrences.

Use Alertify to deliver unfiltered information on issues, policies, laws and services - dispatched from leadership directly to your entire constituency - every staff member, employee and household. As the sender, you maintain total content control of priority and routine advisories. With civic leadership continually in the crosshairs of public opinion, Alertify ensures a consistent, accurate stream of information from officials to the community.

Examples of Notifications
Utility outages, Weather advisories, Traffic advisories, Changes in traffic flow, Public meeting announcements, Sports schedules and cancellations, Unscheduled office closings, Special events schedules, Missing child alerts, Chemical hazards Explosions or Fires, and Evacuation routes.

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