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In today's world, the need for universal alerts for mass notification is greater than ever!


Public safety, Severe weather, Evacuation, Power outages, Water main breaks, Gas leaks. All of these scenarios happen in an instant. The question is, will your organization be prepared to communicate urgent news in time to help people?

• Increase the level of safety in the community, the workplace or at school.

• Increase the reach of communications with your subscribers.

• Keep your subscribers informed in real-time.

• Reduce communications costs (from TV, radio, paper, mail, posters, etc.).

Many years ago, phone dialer systems were invented to notify people of important announcements. These systems were slow to send alerts, and are still slow today. The fundamental problem with reverse calling systems is that they don't work well during periods of high phone traffic. For instance, wired and wireless phone lines were busy for hours during the terrorist attacks on September 11th. However, SMS text messages went through just fine because they have smaller bandwidth requirements.

Alertify easily communicates time-sensitive information at a low cost.

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