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Property Management

Alert Building Occupants Fast and Efficiently


The vulnerability to disaster of every building and its occupants triggers nightmares for owners and managers. Yesterday's "what if" scenarios are mild compared to the calamities witnessed over the past few years. Now more than ever, you must be ready to secure people and property through rapid, accurate, flexible emergency communication.

Alertify puts state-of-the-art emergency and priority messaging into the hands of your building management staff to ensure immediate and direct delivery of the most critical advisories under the most adverse circumstances imaginable. Alertify notifies individual occupants and emergency responders at the rate of thousands of contacts per second, carrying uniform directions to every receiving device. And, Alertify repeats transmissions to individuals until their message is received. Then the Alertify verification process records and reports the time each person actually receives your message.

During an emergency, power and lines of communication could be lost. Stay in touch with building occupants through wireless devices such as a cell phone, digital pager, and wireless PDA device. Easily send updated messages as often as needed.

Alertify provides a lower cost per contact than any communication method - no paper, no printing, no physical distribution.

Examples of Critical Events Aircraft collision, Armed intruder,   Explosion or fire, Tornado or Hurricane,   Power failure,   Evacuation,   Chemical Hazard and Earthquake.

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