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The Potential for Emergencies in Our Schools Has Never Been Greater.

Emergencies challenge every person in your school system and community, especially police, fire and medical professionals. Appropriate responses to crisis situations depend on fast, accurate, widespread and verifiable communication.

Alertify delivers the optimal solution for emergency notification and priority messaging to every individual in your school or school district. The system sends emergency, priority and routine messages with digital speed from school officials to contacts throughout the community. Critical information regarding severe storms and fires as well as unforeseen calamities and routine advisories reaches thousands in minutes on the communications devices they select ... in English or Spanish. Alertify even records the time each person receives the message and reports results.

Connect with Parents in an Entirely New Way
Alertify is a school-to-parent notification service that allows you to make one phone call, record a detailed voice message, and send it immediately to all parents (and staff too). It's that easy!

Meeting Parental Involvement Requirements
Alertify facilitates frequent and effective contacts for building better understanding and improving academic results. The use of immediate and "paperless" notification with automated receipt confirmation makes Alertify the fastest and most efficient contact service, even for hard to reach parents.  

Data Privacy and Security
The participant database comes from contact information schools routinely gather. This data uploads with absolute privacy and security using any electronic data format such as: Excel or a variety of common database programs. All personal data and Alertify operations are held under the highest security.

Example Scenario
A typical school district might have 25,000 people on its contact list. If each has three phone numbers: 75,000 calls would be needed. Alertify proceeds through each calling sequence at digital speed. It covers all primary numbers from A to Z before calling secondary numbers.

Use Alertify for all Important School Communications
Schools across the country are looking for ways to improve how they communicate with parents. In times of an emergency, schools want the ability to reach all parents right away - in a matter of minutes. Schools also want a communication strategy that measurably improves parental involvement. Alertify can help. Schools use Alertify for many reasons, including:

School Crisis Response - In today's world, schools must pay greater attention to crisis planning and emergency response management. If an emergency develops, Alertify becomes an invaluable tool.

With Alertify, parents receive urgent messages at up to three telephone numbers and three email addresses. Its speed and ease-of-use makes Alertify a practical addition to your school crisis plan.

School Closings - Announce school closings, cancellations, early dismissals and delays quickly and efficiently. Schedule changes, are disruptive to family transportation plans and childcare arrangements. With Alertify, parents are notified quickly and given time to make alternate plans.

Non-Emergency Reminders and General School News - For non-urgent announcements, Alertify will enhance existing communication strategies.   Quickly communicate parent meetings, fundraisers, activities, and other school news.

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