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"Ease of use" is paramount to user acceptance. Alertify's mass notification system allows non-technical users to administer, manage or receive time-sensitive notifications. We believe that if a system has too many steps to implement, then it will be a barrier to success for your organizations goals. Alertify, above all, is easy to use.


Benefits for Administrators


• Easy . Designed for non-technical users.

• Convenient . Send alerts from any web browser or phone - there is no hardware or software to purchase or install.

• Reach . One message gets delivered to multiple places to increase the probability of reaching your community.

• Effective . SMS notifications reach subscribers even if wired and wireless networks are jammed with callers.

• Backup . If power or network is out at your organization, send alerts from your mobile phone or wireless device.

• High Tech/Low Cost . Requires no hardware, software or system installation and can be accessed from any telephone or Internet connected computer.

• Fast . You could be using Alertify as soon as today.


Benefits for Subscribers

• Easy to use . Subscribers receive notifications without doing anything.

• Convenient . It delivers notifications wherever subscribers are at the time of the announcement, because they most likely carry their mobile phone with them wherever they go.

• Fast . It delivers these important notifications within minutes of the official announcement.

• Accurate . Subscribers receive up-to-date news even when the news changes, so they'll never have to wait for the next update on the TV or Radio.

• Parental Peace of Mind . Gives parents the peace of mind of being notified within minutes of something happening, knowing the administrator has it under control and what if anything the parent needs to do.

• Effective . Subscribers receive detailed information so they know exactly what is going on and can reference that info on the go.

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